Happy Africa Day!

Today we celebrate the rich diversity, vibrant cultures, and proud heritage of the African continent and its 54 sovereign countries. Africa Day commemorates the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) on May 25, 1963, which later became the African Union (AU).

Let’s honor the incredible achievements, resilience and bright future of Africa:

  • Africa is home to over 3,000 distinct ethnic groups and 2,000 languages
  • The continent has a young, dynamic population with a median age of just 19.7 years
  • Africa boasts incredible natural wonders like Victoria Falls, the Sahara Desert, and Mount Kilimanjaro
  • The African diaspora has made immense contributions to the world in art, music, literature, science and more
  • African nations are leading the way in renewable energy, mobile banking innovations, and entrepreneurship

Join me in wishing Africa a joyous Africa Day!

Let’s celebrate the beauty, diversity and bright future of the African continent. Share your favorite African traditions, music, foods or memories in the comments below. #AfricaDay #AfricaMonth #AfricanUnity

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